Modal invisible as a form

Any ideas why this form is invisible when previewed or exported to index.html in a browser, please?

Because this is not a form.
It’s a Modal and needs to be triggered with a Button via the “toggle-modal” function.

I see no docs for toggle-modal.

I guess I should just use the FORM BRIC?

Is it possible to have check boxes arranged like this? How if so, please?

Hi @TheMooseman,

A modal is a pop up box. You can have a form in one, but as mentioned you need a trigger like a button or a link to make it appear.

If you want a form with multiple rows of check boxes you can modify the form bric and add a column. Then place the check boxes inside the columns.

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If you want to make the modal a popup on site load add this to the footer code.


where the #modal - is your modal window name