Modal Structure Editing Disappeared

So I created a MODAL with a form in it and had it working.

I changed a few other things on my project and went back to change the test input widths and I found I could not edit any in any of the two forms on the page.

However the MODAL bric icon and header, footer and button elements DISAPPEARED in the Layer Navigator to be replaced by one icon labeled “FONT”. This font label has no children but it selects the entire modal, just like the Modal bric element would.

I am tired of this fiddle fest, Any ideas how to restore the Modal Element (without starting from scratch)?

Are you running the last 3.4.2 Build?

I submitted a similar issue to @Norm yesterday. This may help Norm find the issue.

I tend to also duplicate the Project file in finder every now and then. So it’s like a manual version of version control. Not the most ideal solution. But it’s a solution.