Monosnap App - Not that helpful

Hi to all,

I was intially made aware on this forum of Monosnap. A free app for taking screen shots and recordings.

You may have actually either used it or seen people on this forum using it.

To assist other members of this forum I decided to use it as well. I actually made 7 videos this month which links were posted on the forum.

Today, I was actually banned, which means no more access to the account and to the videos I had created. No warning was given and no reason as well, just discovered it because a member on this forum could not view the video.

I had to contact their support to be told that I had violated paragraph 1.1. (can be viewed on their site). Since nothing made sense to me, I insisted on knowing what I might have done wrong or if I had misunderstood something. I finally got a response which is:

"Your actions generate too much traffic from video files, which tells us that you share it across the web. We can unban you if you eliminate violations in 24 hours.

It was time consuming for me to remove all videos and links, find another solution, use my dropbox and upload new links in my original posts.

So to other users of this app on the forum be careful if you decide to use or keep on using it. You might be banned soon. :wink:




Thanks for sharing your experience!

I actually just started to use this app recently, but I have never used their built-in hosting features. I guess I will never do.

By the way, thank you for your hard work helping others! If we had a user of the month award, I am sure everyone would agree that you definitely deserve it!



Hi @Eldar

You are too kind. I think a lot of people on this forum would deserve the award.

It would appear that at least for me the videos were uploaded by default because I never change anything. Then I was just copying the link in my posts.

Difficult to find information on their site but what really annoyed me is that I had received no warning at all. That said, I am going back to basics with Quicktime and Dropbox.

No need of any fancy tool to help people. :slight_smile:


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Consider this when trying to get a video to someone privately.


That’s sad to hear, i’ve used Monosnap for years without any problem.
I like the way you can make super quick tutorials and share them on Monosnap.
But if this happens even once i’ll go fully Youtube/Vimeo.

Cheers / Johny

Hi Johny @Jakerlund

Indeed, I hope you do not run through the same issue but as a recommendation you should perhaps keep a copy of the videos.

I only had 7 videos linked on this forum. Well I guess I had too much success :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: