More CSS Units of measure for Class Manager

Right now you can only use px or % for dimensions(width & height, min and max width & height, Magin and padding) and image sizing. Could it be possible to add the other valid CSS units?

  • rem
  • em
  • vh
  • vw
  • vmin
  • vmax

I’d recommend using the inapp support options to post feature requests, it means I won’t miss them.

I’m used to using rem with another web design app and I’d really like to see that in Blocs.

Got it, just field on out.

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REM is there for text, but yeah more measures coming.

Do you have a list of feature request that have been requested? Maybe even some idea of what you’re planning on adding? Kind of a roadmap might help not get duplicate requests.

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@teefers very good point. Feature request list.

I have one, but it’s private. We used to have a public roadmap, but it was just another piece of extra work to keep updated and a lot of the time, dates would change, so it was kinda pointless.

Also public feature request lists wouldn’t eliminate the duplications IMO.

What I may start doing is posting a list of what to expect in the next major update prior to the beta starting for it. But for the record, this is what is planned for now (also consider Blocs 3.0 development is in full swing).

Blocs 2.5.0
• New Asset Manager
• Improved file monitoring.
• Download Interaction


If it creates more work than I wouldn’t mess with it. Just thought you might be getting a lot of duplicate requests. But I’m sure you’re right, most people wouldn’t look first before posting a new feature request.

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I think that a simple list of what to expect in the next major update is good enough.