More Header Custom Bricks

I suggest for more header custom bricks, like a unified background for Navigation block and the block underneath, it’s a very creative way to build a navbar,


That would be great. The biggest drawback I found in Blocs so far is the fact that you can’t 100% customize a header to look how you want it. It was way beyond perfect in Muse, the header is the thing that attracts someone to the rest of the web site so having more customization on the header is a win for everyone, please add some options or custom bricks for that in the future.

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Could you post an example of the type of header you can’t make using Blocs?


Here are a few web sites you can look at as examples:

If it is possible would love to see someone post some videos on how to achieve it in Blocs if it isn’t then @Norm please make this possible in the future.

@casey1823, I agree with @MrZaKaRiA that the header is crucially important. Not only is it the first impression a website visitor sees, but also leaves an ongoing impression as it is accessed routinely to navigate throughout the website.

While it is true that many things are certainly possible in Blocs, it’s also true that many things are not easily achieved as yet in Blocs. I’d like to see a more robust tool set that allows us to more EASILY customize the header areas, including drop down menus (that could even include images, or fully customized bric panels, etc)!

Some of the difficulties I’ve experienced in trying to customize the header area:

  1. Easily repositioning/resizing the logo.
  2. Easily moving the nav menu ul and li’s around.
  3. Easily manipulating the nav text links and li’s where hover effects are desired.
  4. Creating multiple rows of nav links and independently positioning them.
  5. Customizing all elements for various breakpoints.
  6. The ability to create unlimited breakpoints.
  7. Easier customization of the mobile menu elements.

Again, most everything is somehow doable in Blocs, but often is not quick and not easy. It often involves creating and constantly updating either the code added to the header section or an attached stylesheet.

The more things we can edit natively inside of Blocs via tool palettes the better. After all, what makes Blocs powerful and amazing is its ease of use.

I’m hoping Blocs 3 achieves some of this.

Warm Regards, Randy


I agree some things should be a little easier, with that said most of the examples can be done using blocs.

@danielk it looks like most of the sites are yours and they look a lot like some of my site before migrating to Blocs. They all display good on the desktop view but some are really not mobile friendly. It’s something that has really changed and if you stick with Blocs and learn the program it will help your business.

I’ve been using Bloc from version 1 and it keeps improving, I really recommend subscribing to Eldar’s corses. The core training really helps you understand how classes work within Blocs.


@casey1823, I think the point is that we should be able to make ALL of these headers with Blocs, and actually ANY header layout we can conceive of. I find the current Blocs tools grossly insufficient to do any of those headers easily. Let’s be honest. Now, having said all that, I’m a total fan of Blocs. I agree with you that it keeps getting better and better. To that end, I feel it’s important that we Blocs users are honest about what’s great but also about what needs improvement.


I’m not disagreeing with what you’re both saying. I think you will see some improvement when Blocs 3 is released. With that said, making a navigation area that will work great on all break points, with the ability to add anything is harder than just a pre-defined brick. The combinations are endless.

I’m sure if it was that easy in Bootstrap we would already have these type of Bricks. With the custom Bric builders adding content (some free, some paid) if it was that simple we would already have these available.

Believe me, I’ve spent a lot of time in the nav/header area using Blocs.


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@casey1823, I’m not expecting perfection, and know it will take time for Blocs to evolve. It’s clearly come a long ways in the four short years since it was first released! Again, I’m a huge Blocs fan. I think it’s important we users continually provide relent l relevant feedback so@Norm and team get a clear sense of which areas are most important to us who are using his awesome product! #blocsrocks

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Ignoring the fact that none of your example sites are responsive, I see nothing in those examples that can’t be created in Blocs. Just because Blocs provides some header styles for you, it doesn’t mean you have to use them. You could create one or more custom blocs and add the elements (brics) you need to recreate the styles - it’s not difficult. You can add as many blocs into the global header area as required to make the full header you want. The problem is that expectations can frequently lead to disappointment for no other reason that user’s feel uncomfortable venturing into creating their own bloc styles and layouts. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised how simple it is.

Personally, I wouldn’t even bother to try and emulate those rather dated page layouts anyway. Modern websites should be designed for modern devices (touch and swipe technologies). If you or your clients want to stick with these types of designs, it would probably be better to use an older application that creates these types of websites in a fixed layout style.

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Don’t get me wrong, Blocs is good but it still needs a lot a flexibility to make it great of which I have no doubt will eventually be. Until it gets there I’m still working with other software to build WYSIWYG sites hopefully Blocs 3 will convince me to switch over full time.

I agree with most of the above comments. I am personally very particular about setting up my header and find that it is quite difficult to get it formatted how I would like. This is an area that I think could greatly benefit from improvement on an otherwise nice program.

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