Mouse Over Text to change Color

I don’t see a color change in the Animation section over Mouse Over. I’d like the color of my navigation text to change color during a Mouse Over from White to Yellow

And I’d like the active page Menu item to be Yellow as well.

I’ve looked in Class Manager and there’s nothing there.

Anyway to do this without coding?


Hi Bill, you mean a navigation like this?

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Yes that would be what I’m looking for.


I change the menu data source from Primary Menu to None (see below)

This allows me to select each menu item and apply a custom class to it. In the custom class, set the colour for the normal state, as well as for hover and active.

Thank you I’ll give that a shot.

Thanks, you were faster

On a project with no global menu bar (but rather individual pages) I have a decent hover effect on the navbar items.
My goal now is to select one navbar link, open the according page and then have exactly this link highlighted/underlined in another color than the hover color.

Hope I could make myself clear…?

How did you change the top logo? White logo to colour logo? do you have any tutorials for this?