Moving Volt to another domain

@InStacks I have a new job to build 11 small websites and Volt seems like the ideal solution. The idea is to have a common layout between the different sites and certain elements will remain fixed, while certain areas of text and images will be editable.

I am trying to work out the most efficient way of doing this and wondered if I can build draft sites on one domain then copy across the _cms folder to the final domain? I am assuming this might be a problem because the incorrect domain was set in the project settings but just looking for the most efficient way to do this.

The alternative I thought of would be to set everything up on the draft domain then copy paste text when the site goes live on the main domain and upload images separately.

Yes, moving to another domain will work.

All image URLs for example will be stored only relatively to the _cms folder.

This domain setting is only relevant for previewing inside Blocs.

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Volt just gets better and better :smiley:

Would I just drop the _cms folder over the existing one on the new site or add it there manually before logging in the first time?

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You can just copy and paste it over the other folder.

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