Multi column Workaround

This “solution” was actually buried in its original post. So here it is back to light.

Class added in Page Settings that is applied to a DIV with a paragraph custom class padding.

multicol.bloc (203.0 KB)

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 09.33.46.png1413x862 206 KB

I have made the width to 1170px with a col-width at 20em. Then you can play with these to get what you desire. That said obviously worth for LG and MD breakpoints, while SM and XS especially would not make sense.

Would though be great to have this available directly in Blocs settings.



This is cool @MDS, and thanks for sharing. There’s .js based column solutions for text that I’ve used for years. I even wrote a script for this with some great features (for my day job). I didn’t think to post it because the original thread was talking about using any bric based content in these columns.

Anyway thanks for sharing…

This is cool! I’ll be danged if I can figure out how it works. I can’t see anything special in the CSS that would do this. What’s the trick here?