Multi lingual websites with Blocs

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Is it possible to make multi lingual websites with Blocs? Like proper ones with correct links and SEO for the url,meta tags, auto language detection etc.

I use Rapidweaver / Stacks but considering to also get the Blocsapp.

/ Henrik

What are in your opinion correct links?

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Links from one language to another.

Someone wrote in the feature wish list for 2023 thread that they would like to see multi lingual support in blocs.

@Eldar made a video how to create a multi lingual site. So isn’t it already possible?

You create your own links.

If you want to automate it, you will need to use JavaScript and the navigator.language property, that will use the users language preference as set in their browser. Then you can redirect to the correct language url, if you have catered for that language.

The other important thing is you need to place links in the header of each page, so you do not get penalised for duplicate content.

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="es" />

Multi language sites take work, there is no tick box.

Navigator.language info


This could be a solution too:

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