Multicol in Blocs?


I went from a 23" to a 32" almost by accident. I had planned to get a 27", but for some strange reason the 32" was cheaper at the time and there was enough space to fit on the desk, so it became a no brainer and you adapt to the added space in about 2 minutes.

On the same desk I have a 27" and it has something like 40% less viewing area. I agree that few would view a website at full screen size on a screen like this, but curiously I tend to open it much wider than the old display.


@norm add the above to your data of mentions. It seems like it becomes a point of contention for users when the app supports the Bootstrap Framework but inevitably leaves out various things Bootstrap supports. :wink:
This XL breakpoint has been mentioned a couple of times. That data tells me, it’s not critical and in the mind of the user not that essential (right now).


@Blocs_User It doesn’t actually bother me that much and might even create more work unnecessarily, however I agree it does seem to have caused some debate as seen in that thread.

One thing for certain though is that the bigger display is forcing me to look at certain points differently. I’ve found it a pain working with some header images inside hero blocs.


I did not mention the XL breakpoint to start any discussion on if we need it or not. I was just commenting that the masonry bloc could be configured a little differently. I personally think it’s just fine the way it is.



@Flashman & @casey1823,

Ok, but the above always seems to continue being true.


Thats been added to the pile :grinning:


And how does it work? What should i do? Thx


Actually I dropped this in the wrong bucket. moving…


And how does it work? What should i do? Thx for help…i‘m knew to Blocs. :slight_smile:


If you’re new to blocs I’d try using the masonry bric that is built in Blocs. It works well also.