My Blocs dissapeared

I just opened my site after a month of not working on it, I duplicated a page with 60 Blocks, then, on the duplicated page I started to delete Blocs, about 50 of them, left 10. First I deleted too many so I accidentally deleted the footer, I hit Undo a bunch of times and got it back.
Now to the problem.
On page 1 and page 2, all my Blocs are gone (I did not even open those pages), they look fine in the page list preview to the left, but have no Blocs on the real page.
Why did this happen? And I did not notice at once, becasue I did not look on those pages, so I saved and quit Blocs for a while, I noticed when I reopened Blocs.
I do have a backup of my disk, but I dont wanna loose all the work I did on the new page, so, how can I get those 2 pages back in to my site?