My first attempt with Blocs!

Here is my first project using Blocs. It’s a Wordpress site, and I used native Blocs only, and some just a couple of custom JS. I am very impressed with the speed, even though I have not yet optimized the site, nor have used any kind of caching for WP. I will tweak it some more later this week.


Nicely designed. Colorblend combination really stands out.
You may want to work on Our Providers, there is something wrong.

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Impressively quick.


Hi Thanks @KBConcepts,

I was too eager to upload, it still needs lots of little tweaks, specially in mobile. I will keep updating the site till it’s ready for production.



Yes, and there is no cache installed in Wordpress.

Brilliant :star_struck:

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Great site!!! There seems to be a problem on the ‘our-locations’ page. Its seems to be in a constant loop scroll. Maybe just my browser. Brilliant start though.

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Very nice for a first time!!
Well done, and it shows how easy Blocs can be to use!!!

Rich the Weather Guy

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Yep, I had noticed the looping scroll yesterday on my iPad only. In all desktop browser it was fine. They are fixed now.

I will be tweaking the templates and will update this test site regularly. I have written more custom code to control WP. My goal was to create a tight and coherent template, that would allow a client to add providers, services, locations etc. on the backend, and keep the design intact on the front end.


Hi @Norm,

I reported a bug with the WP Widget Zone in Blocs 5 (including the latest beta)

No matter what header size is selected in the Title Tag of the WP Widget Zone, the resulting code is always an <h2> tag.

And another one is WP Paginate Bricks works correctly in preview, but does not display in the published Worpress site.

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Ok I’ll get this looked at.

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