My first B3 site


The new version of blocks has lot of advantages and capabilities.

Here’s the firt site I make scince version 3 was released, any comment would be very much appreciated!


What can I say - I find this excellent.
I really love the SERVICIOS toggle visibility idea.


Very well done and inspirational. I really like the mega menu dropdown from the nav. Clean and to the point.

Good job



I like the design, great work, but lazy loading ruins it the experience a bit.


Very nicely done. Lots of great design ideas and layout.

My only complaint is the paragraph text size is to small. If I have to strain to read a paragraph I would not continue on the site.



Thanks Eldar, it loads fine for me but I think it can be improved. I am struggling with my site. The hero its just an image and loads at last. Its a very small file but the site have several images. Do you know a way to make a priority loading setting?


Thanks Casey, I will check this on further builds so the experience becomes better.


You have a problem that occurs with Blocs 3 sites if you colour a form field background. This didn’t happen with Blocs 2 and I believe you can work around it with some CSS, but I’m hoping a more user friendly option can appear before long.

White stripes above and below in the dropdown menu - SOLVED

Actually I like this effect on mobile, I thinks its not a major problem but its a good detail


I tried to find out how you did it.
Any hints for me would be appreciated.


Very nice.
I also like the mega menu.
Good job!


very good site. I like it!


You have 6 columns, on the first one you place an image with the height you want. On the second column you have two images with a 25% and 75% of the total height and in the other column next to them 2 more images but with the inverted height. You repeat this until you complete the grid.
For the overlay effect I used 3 images. A transparent png image. The trick is made with css. you set the height, width, padding and an image background for the normal state and a red image for the hover state.

Under each image I placed the description text and toggle the visibility off so when you click the image it shows up. I tried to arrange the grid for each breakpoint so you have a nice rendering on every device. Its a very simple solution if you take a look at it.


Thank you so much Chicuelo. I’ll give it a try and report.
Thanks again.


@chicuelo This a great example of why blocs 3 is so versatile. With a little knowledge, you are able to create some really nice layouts. The menu products (toggle) is another nice touch. I’ve made them without using a regular menu. I did see the head code makes this work with scrolling on the page. Thanks for sharing your tips.


Totally agree, B3 is very versatile tool and you can create great configurations. By now Im looking for a toggle visibility using the Roll Over feature. It would be great If you have more than one big menu and they would not have display conflict.


Unfortunately toggle visibility does not push the image up like it does in your example.


I think I found it.
The “SERVICIOS ACUSTICOS” column has to have the middle alignment.


That wound be nice. It would also be nice toggle visibility would be available in a regular menu using the manager. I’m not sure why we have to set the menu to none.

What ever happened to my old Dreamweaver days when I could just take a image and set a rollover image. Oh yah, that requires me to subscribe to Adobe. I’ll take Blocs any day.