My first big project in blocs

Hi guys,

I’ve been using blocs and reading the forum for a while now.
Last week I finished my first big project in blocs.

No manual coding or anything

Check it out and let me know what you think

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Nice job, it looks good. I did find a few things just going over it quickly.

The header text looks good on big screen but when you shrink it down the text runs together. Click on the break points and I think the text just needs the line height adjusted.


Also, the click arrow for the specs gives me a 404 error page not found. Missing link.

I think that in that same Bloc the image would look better centered vertically with the text. You can do that easily by clicking the center align button in the column sidebar.

Nice job,

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thank you for the feedback!!

much appreciated

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You really need to work on text colors. 80% of the text is hard to read and this gives it an unprofessional look! You should also upload a custom favicon

Nice work! :slight_smile: