My First Blocs Site: Weather Sky

Just completed my first Blocs single-page site. Still learning the ropes regarding how Blocs works, but I’m impressed with the application’s functionality and power.

The site is for an Amazon Alexa skill that I just released called “Weather Sky.” I’m a developer and not a designer so don’t expect world class design, but if you want to take a look at the site, the URL is:

Thanks for building a great app for creating web sites!


Wow! I like your sky animation. :+1:

A terrific first website with Blocs. Well done :smile:

Really good site and excellent use of video.

@Steffscheff @Flashman Thanks! While I was working on the site I found myself getting stuck staring at it a lot: it was kind of relaxing :slight_smile: Hope people don’t get stuck on the hero screen and that they move on to the content :wink:

Thanks for the comment on the video! Just wish that mobile devices played video backgrounds. I used a still of the video for mobile, but the animation would be better.

I love the Hero Image “Clouds” indeed so relaxing… Good Job! :slight_smile:

Nice clear and colourful design, but 1 question.
Ow do you make $£ from a free app where no adverts are possible, or do you harvest email addresses?

Thanks for the comment. Right now it’s more about building a user base. There could be opportunities to monetize by providing additional paid functionality above the free level of functionality. It always helps to give something away for free to start with :slight_smile: