My first website ever created with blocs

Hello guys! So finally after two weeks making questions, watching tutorials and breaking my head thinking of how to do it I finally finish the first state of my website :smiley:
Here you can have a look LOY
What I mean by first state is becase there are still a lot of work to do to make it perfect, Also need to build the music shop but that will take me another two months!
If you could give me any tips and feedback of how improve it would be great!

Here are some of the mistakes I see but don’t know how to fix it!

  1. When I check the different browser or different laptop my website doesn’t have the same size, I will like to have the top menu visible without any scrolling.
  2. The changes between pages are to ruff, I will like to have a sort of transition but haven’t figure it our yet
  3. Maybe is my internet but it takes lot of time to upload specially the pictures on the artist page and in my wife computer for example some pictures are cuts.
  4. In the bottom menu I will like to have at the right side some links to my social profiles, like facebook, soundcloud, instagram, beatport etc.
  5. On the release page when you will clic on LOY001 for example the first release will apear but how can I close it automatically if I clic on LOY002?

But the main problem is this
I want the web to look like this everywhere

and at some computers looks like this

Any thoughts ?

Have you set the padding of the bloc to full screen?
If you want the bottom menu to be shown you can set a negative margin (same as menu height) so it will be displayed on the screen before you scroll

Hi yes the padding is set to full screen and yet doesn’t adjust to the different sizes of screen! What about the menu? How can I do it?

Are you using a custom class? or have more than one class applied to that bloc?
If you share you file I could check, or just share the file with that bloc

On my website ( I am using the full height and it works for all devices and resolutions.

I will send you a MP ok? Thank you :slight_smile:

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