My Mobile Menu Changed!?!?!?!

Don’t know why, but my menu on mobile used to look like this:

now it looks like this:

I tried deleting the global nav bloc and doing it again, but it won’t work, it works in other projects but not this one…any help would be appreciated!!!

Menu is set to sidebar, and worked as per first image up until about a week ago.

Did you ever work out what was wrong here? I have exactly the same problem, but in my case it all looks correct using Solis or Blocs, however it’s wrong after uploading to the server when checked on a mobile. I have the demo site in development at

I’m using the 2.5.3 b2 @Norm


Browser cache??

It was like that the first time I visited the web page immediately after exporting from Blocs. I’ve also checked a couple online emulators with the same result.