My new Website by a Hommer Simpson


So here is my first website. I’m not a designer, not a website builder just thought I give it ago. Pretty pleased with the almost finished product, loving the blocs and bricks. Here are a few things Im not sure if I’ve missed out but would love to add to the wish list.

  1. Add a downloadable PDF
  2. Add social media such as twitter
  3. Spell check within bocs - trust me I need it
  4. Upload from blocs directly

Anyway hope you like the site

Thanks for making such a wicked program.


An outstanding first effort I would say. :slight_smile:


Cheers dude. Means a lot. Its like trying to ride a bike for the first time but after a few late nights it starts to make sense.


Excellent site and as this is your first site, you clearly have a talent. It’s a clear demonstration of how someone can use Blocs to build a first site like this.


Good job man.:ok_hand:


@Norm Can I just just add my voice that a spellchecker would be really helpful, simply for spotting silly typos. “I fought I wes doing realy wel until I saw my piblished website” :wink: