My personal Wish List

  1. The mix-up to put blocs into the Global area instead of the Dynamic area happens with so many (new) users. I think it would be good when a new blocs project is opened and as well after the first bloc is chosen, to show on the white empty input areas (global-dynamic-global) an explanation (big letters) – similar like it does when hovering over the Plus sign to add a new bloc. This would act like a hint and a warning at the same time.

  2. A function that detects all unused Classes in the project and shows them on the right side with an icon or at least that the user can flush unused classes. Better would be even if a popup would even give the page name.
    Also a sorting function for those would be great (see my next point nr. 3)
    In the course of a project there are so many classes created, sometimes arbitrary, sometimes as tests, that at the end are dead bodies with no purpose.

  3. Alphabetical/numerical display order of the Classes in the Class Manager (I don’t even understand why I have to wish this! This is such a rudimentary fundamental user interface function that where (a database) lists are produced one can also sort these list by different criteria.) in order to make life easier.
    It makes it easier to see the logical context of classes. Search function alone is not enough!