MySQL database upgrade

I have received an email from my web host saying that the MySQL database server will be upgraded from the current version 5.7 to the new version 8.0.

Currently I only have one client website done with WordPress that is kept up to date automatically, so running WP 6.3. I just wondered if this database upgrade is likely to cause any problems? It is a very simple simple site, though it does have an Ecwid e-commerce plugin.

Hi @Flashman , WordPress core is fully compatible with MySQL 8. It would depend on your plugins and theme if there are any incompatibility issues. But as long as you use the bigger plugins and themes, you shouldn’t experience any issues.

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The theme was developed using Blocs, so it should be straightforward. Hopefully the other plugins are OK. I recall at the time struggling to find a contact form I could get to work and cannot remember the name of the one I used. I don’t think I’ve looked at the site in about three years.

The theme shouldn’t pose an issue then. Perhaps you could try Contact Form 7 ? That’s a free to use plugin that usually works quite well.

I’ll see if there are any problems with the current one before making any changes. At the time I was really struggling with Gutenberg and nothing seemed to be working easily.

You are right to ask, I think php 8.1 is the version where there were tons of changes that broke almost every php-plugin out there - lol
It might be a blessing in disguise, as it may open the door for maintenance work, etc.


For anybody else who might encounter this these points were in the notes:

"The version currently running on this service is: 5.7

Support for this version will soon end and the version will be considered End of Life.
As such, we have scheduled an upgrade of the version to: 8.0

GURU will take care of the server upgrade, but you may need to take some actions in advance of the scheduled upgrade. Please consider the following.

  • All applications you run on your service should be checked to ensure they support the new MySQL version (see above for version)
  • The upgrade is a one-way change, it cannot be reverted back to an earlier/previous version
  • There will be a maintenance window while the upgrade is applied, of up to 1 hour, during which database services will be unavailable. We will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.
  • The following links provide details of differences between versions of MySQL. Most of this is quite technical or refer to server configurations (which we take care of) but we’re providing the information for completeness.