Nav link Focus doesn't works

Is it normal if the focus styling isn’t visible in browser (once clicked on an inpage scroll bloc’s #ID), or do I omitt something ?
Tried with default’s nav-link as smartnav, even !important, in vain…


I don’t think :focus is what you think it is.

What are you wanting to achieve?

Hi Pete, with this site when you click on a link in nav it goes to anchor ; I want to have the respective button activated (red background then), that’s is Focus in pure html no ? (maybe because of bootstrap it is somehow complicated…).

Thats is not what :focus does, the effect you want is called ScrollSpy. And it is built into Bootstrap

:focus is different, and its standard CSS. In particular it is part of accessibility.

Thank you, I look immediatly…

Wow I love this effect (sroolspy egs), it’s so clean by scrolling as on click and helpfull…

:face_holding_back_tears: JavaScript I give up (to learn as complicaiton and time for each updates to re-paste manually…) big regret.

Ok I was far with focus :grin: It had sens semantically, thought that was that, active in context.

Scrollspy is sweet. I’m creating some fancy manuals for my Brics using scrollspy. If an amateur like me can do it, it should be a piece of cake for professionals like you.

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Salut le breton* :grin:

Very nice.

But you are the professional, and I’m the amateur. :grin:

*So do I :slight_smile:

( …If you are interested in time exchange (2d/3d/sound…) )

You sell website development and I sell Fish and Chips :yum::tropical_fish::fries::fried_shrimp:

As I wrote elesewhere :
…my offer “website” and “mapetitemnairie” is only with bloc’s templates very basic already done… my main project is “Picture” (90% among all in fact).

Btw are fish and chips sellers necessarily fishermen ?

Watch out, it makes fat. :fries: :grin: