Nav-toggle don't work in XS view

Hey guys
Does anyone know why the nav menu toggle works in SM size (768px>577px) and when it changes to XS (576px > 0px) it stops working. I’ve already recreated the site from scratch and I can’t understand why this happens on this site and hasn’t happened on others. Can anyone help? My thanks.

Hi LB66:
I think if you have something to share/show us, there are those on this forum that may be able to help.

Rich the Weather Guy

Hey Weatherguy, thanks for your response. I made a screen recording to show the problem. As you can see, in MD format the Nav-Toggle works and opens the navigation menu. The same happens with the SM format. But when I switch to the XS format, the navigation menu does not appear. This is the first time this has happened to me and I can’t seem to resolve it. Thanks.


Hi, unfortunately the video only shows what’s happening, but doesn’t give us a clear way to see what the cause is, only lots of guesses.

The dropdown could be going being the hero image, what have you made that with?

A live site, even temporarily put up, can help.

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