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First of all, I would like to say that I have very rarely started using Blocs. Please forgive me, but I find the app in some places not intuitive and then do not get anywhere. A lot of time is lost.

My “problem”

I would like my fullscreen background image to be visible under the top navigation (Content above the Line … etc.) I can’t find a solution.

I have added another page. To do this, a menu entry is added at the top.
But I would like to have this navigation entry at the bottom of the footer.
Delete at the top? Can’t (a right-click with “delete” dialog would be expected here. But unfortunately nothing of it. Delete the page? Again, no icon (trash can) or right-click dialog.

Is this what is meant by intuitive, or have I completely misunderstood something?
over an hour wasted - for nothing.

Does anyone have an idea or hint?
Do I have to have a tutorial just for deleting objects?



It is intuitive if you know how it works, there is a minimum. I was like you, I started without understanding what exactly I was doing. But this video will already help you to lay the foundations for learning and the rest will follow. Just take the time to understand the mechanism. When you buy a piece of furniture to assemble, you read the instructions or you read diagonally. This video will help you to understand better, hoping that it will help you.
You haven’t wasted an hour, you make progress by running into problems, and here the community helps a lot in case of bugs or technical problems. A video (ideal) or screenshots help to understand your problem better
Good luck

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Thank you so much. Will do it!
For comparison: I just installed Bootstrap Builder. This part was done in 4 minutes :slight_smile:

What you’re trying to do here is simply impossible. To achieve what you’re looking for you will need to use a Hero bloc.

I’ve read your second question a couple of times but have no clue what you’re looking for. Any visuals/website links would be helpful.

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I’m sorry, I can’t show anything from my design (original) (security). Thanks for the tip with the Hero Bloc. I had already tried that. If I add a 2nd page to it dan, the top navigation and the image is no longer there. I understand when people say I have no idea. But I also do not understand when people talk about Blocs App → easy to use, no code etc… … I mean that not at all evil. I’m looking at it from the point of view of what you would expected.
I have attached a screenshot that shows the structure. I’m guessing… completely easy, right?

I need a bear and then a break …:slight_smile:
Thanks over all!


Do you want to do something like this : ?

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For a sticky footer just add bloc to the global footer area, give it a class and set the position to fixed and the bottom property to 0.

2022-05-09_06-17-02 (3)


@Pat at

Thank you. Yes.
This is going in the direction for top navigation on the main page.
The ones in the bottom left of the footer call out a page, and then jump to the respective anchors

Page A = primary
Links MainNav (1-2-3-4) Goes Page A,
Section A1, A2, A3, A4 …

Page B = secondary
Links bottom (1-2-3-4) goes to Page B, section B1, B2, B3, B4

Thanks a lot
This could be the solution for the links below. As for classes, I’ll have to look at that first
Each test section in your example should be driven by a link below

I break here once again. Tomorrow again. I can’t be patient yet, sorry :frowning:
Bottom Property?