Navbar question

Hi there,

I like to make a nabber like this. The nabber is coming down when scrolling.
I have no idea, I am new with blocs. Thanks for your help.



It`s actually a built-in function, just have a look at this picture.


As @Jeker said, just enable the sticky navigation in the sidebar. But remember to use the hero navigation blocs (full screen image with navigation).


It doesn’t have to be a Hero to have a sticky nabber though, surely?


I think Eldar`s answer was about the design on, because that is the way he designed it himself. :slight_smile:

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Hey, @apswoodwork @Jeker

If you want the sliding down navbar effect (which I understand was the question), it does.

Ye, I see what @bonoman means now.

Hi Eldar, thx for your help. I got a question. How I can change the height of sticky navbar in Hero, when I made the scroll.

The nav bar in Hero has a little big height.


Tick the sticky option in the sidebar and create a class “.sticky-nav.sticky” in Class manager.

You can set the height inside the class to whatever you want.


Hey @JeanDan,

Open the Class Manager and add .sticky-nav.sticky and… as I was typing @Jeker posted an answer to your question :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, let me know!



I can’t get this working. I made a Hero use the first Hero and I applied the Sticky and then applied the ‘.sticky-nav.sticky’ to the bloc and set a top margin of -30 and the nav bar is still enormous. Any ideas?

EDIT: My error came from having 2 full stops at the beginning of the name of the custom class;

I had ‘…sticky-nav.sticky’ instead of ‘.sticky-nav.sticky’. I typed it out with the full stop so not sure if it applied the full stop again for me.