Navbar with Slider

Hello! Does any one knows how to archive this in Blocs? Its a slider with a menu on.

You could make full width - 2 column bloc with the menu on the left and a fixed position on it (css needed). On the other colum the content you want and set padding full screen.
If you dont want the menu to be fixed is easier, just the two colums and you are done.

menu-fixed.bloc (194.8 KB)

Hey @chicuelo muchas gracias :slight_smile: Estoy intentando tener el menu arriba normal come dicen aqui Navbar transparent styling is a pain pero no me funciona! Necesito que el menu este visible todo el tiempo sin el sticky efecto!

Hi Stewie, the only way to have an always present menu is making it sticky, otherwise it will dissapear when you scroll. Can you share a live demo of what you want to achieve?

I want to have a nav on top on the classic way but with the slider as background.
This could be an idea

I need to have the slider in the dynamic area and the menu on the global area!

Maybe this?

menu.bloc (194.4 KB)

Awesome! Thanks a lot! I was doing exactly the same but the carousel was coming always on the top of the Navigation. Could you please tell me why?

You have to increase the z-index of the navigation bar to make it to be on a top layer. See the page settings where the code is placed

Also, you have to set the negative padding of the slider the same size of the navbar height

got it! so the element with higher z-index will always be on front right?

Yes, when 2 elements are overlapped the higher z-index will be displayed on top. If you are familiarized with layers on Photoshop or Illustrator, it´s a good analogy.
By now you can only adjust this via code in blocs but its very easy