Navigating to a specific card

Is it possible to create a URL link which goes to (and opens) a specific card on a web page?


half an answer - add #ID of the card heading to the URL takes me to the correct card
I would still like it to open though

What do you mean by card, that you can open and close it??

Accordion maybe?

Yes I mean accordion. I called it a card because this is what it is referred to in the app.

Yeah a little confusing, Bootstrap uses Card in the standard Accordion.

Opening an Accordion on the same page isn’t so bad, but opening one on another page is a little more complicated. Then scrolling to it, even more so. I have been working on code for this for a bit (Mainly for Tabs) but have had a few conflicts to solve. I haven’t spent any time on it for a little while.

I have found site.domain#cardheadingID takes you to the correct accordion. I believe tabs works like this too. Opening the card would be ideal as my accordion list is quite long and growing.

I thought using the ID of an item inside the card might work but it doesn’t seem to.

Not to mention closing the default ones on page load ( I have tried the flashman option to delete the first card to no avail)