Navigation bar on top of image

I am new to Blocs. Have had quite an extensive education period, but obviously have much to learn.
Now I am stuck with that I want the navigation bar to be on top of the image on the home page. Transparent. I want to use an Image bric for the picture, but I have tried with a background image as well. I really don’t know how to, though I have tried several ways and looked into the education material.

I am not a 100% clear on what you need but it sounds like one of hero blocs may be helpful.

Thanks! Seems like it is it. Can’t get it to work with an image bric though. I would like that since I cannot control the background image as I want. Maybe that is not possible. With the background image the navigation bar is in the image, as I wanted.

You don’t need an image bric with a hero bloc. Just add an image to the background, which is best done via custom class, where you can use different sized images at each breakpoint and control placement.

That’s what I have been looking for for two days. Thank you!

Hi ~ I have a similar issue. I want to have a page header with a image logo on the left and an image on the right of the page. Then I want to place the navigation menu on the right, below the image.

I have tried background image as part of the nav bar bloc, but with this feature i am unable to manipulate the position of the image exactly. (Only Top left, centre, bottom etc.) I would love for the top image and logo to be wider than available in the Nav bar bloc. Any ideas how I can achieve that??

PS I am transferring my site from wix. So, if it isn’t clear head to that’s the look i am going for :smiley: thank you very much!!

Doesn’t Card Designer do this?