Navigation problem

I am building a new site for my sailing club that I have not yet published. I have come back to it after a slight pause and spotted that I forgot to configure a navigation to a sub page called "Marine Radio’ under the ‘Training’ tab.

Under the ‘Menu Manager’ I have done what I have always done by going to the Select ‘Primary Menu’ and changing it to Select ‘Training’.

Then hit the + button and added a ‘New Link’ Title and changed it to ‘Marine Radio’.

Type ‘Navigate to Page’

Target ‘Marine Radio’ page

It is there under the Menu Items on the Training page of the Menu Manager

If I press Save and then press V to try it out it appears under the ‘Training’ tab as ‘New Link’ and takes me to the Home page.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

I have tried it on 2 different Macs but with the same fault.

Try reconnecting it to the data source by selecting none and then primary menu.

Hi ScottinPollock

You are a genius, that worked. Now I can publish the site, thank you.

I am having the exact same problem. If I create a new menu, what I create doesn’t show up. I only get a “New Link” that connects to the home page and the new name I gave it doesn’t show up. If I try to add a new page to one of my dropdown menus I get the same “New Link” name. I have tried everything I can do try to fix it and nothing works.

I tried selecting “none” and then reconnecting to the primary menu and that doesn’t fix anything for me.