Need a Few Website Improvements

Our company ThemeDream Productions is an experiential event design, production and marketing company based out of San Francisco. We hired a website designer to build us a new website: The designer used BLOCS to create the website. The website is completed; however, there are some issues we were not pleased with (page loading speeds and contact page does not work). We had to part ways with this designer and now are looking for a website designer who is “experienced” in BLOCS and can correct these issues for us. We are also needing some basic content updates (e.g. text edits) that we may need from time to time moving forward.

It looks like you have some big image file sizes being loaded (about 8 mb being downloaded on the homepage). This should be easy to address. Does your company use a CDN to cache some Of the resources?
Is the form used for mail submissions or is there a POST function?

HI TMRJIJ. I am not technical, so not sure what is used to cache some of the resources. It is being hosted on a GoDaddy server. Previously, the “Contact” page form was submitting the data as an email. It worked in testing, but seems to no longer be working once the website went live. I’m not familiar with POST function. Let me know if you can help. We can take this conversation offline via email or whatever way you feel comfortable.

It does look like the video is big and takes time to load up. If I may . . I would definitelly ask the designer to replace the logo with EPS version, rather then JPG. Use vector based logo instead of pixelated logo. The current version is somehow pixelated.


And the bottom couple of pixels are cut off the logo

I think SVG would be more suitable than EPS.



Do you have the .bloc file? That’s the project file of Blocs.

Image optimization would also be a good idea, most of them are rather big in file size (≈ 500kb).

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Would also recommend that you get the designer to implement the Volt CMS (Content Management System) on your site, so you can make minor text edits yourself rather than having to employ someone each time.