Need a pro to transfer website to Blocs and finish staging a website - freelance/paid

Hello! This project is two-fold:

  1. Convert our currently hard-coded website into Blocs elements (about 7 pages)
    a. Would like to have this transfer done within 5-10 days
  2. Help us set up and stage the remaining pages left to publish (about 25 pages)
    b. Would like to have this done in 30~ days.

We currently have a working website ( that has been built on Bootstrap. We’ve been working to convert it to Blocs but have run into some issues and need some expert help.

What we do have: a settled design system, our wireframes are built out (including copy and graphic concepts), and we have a complete asset package with images and fonts.

After our current website has been moved into Blocs, we’d like some help setting up the pages for the remaining content. There are about 25 pages left that we’ve just had sitting in the wings waiting. Most of them follow a similar structure/design format, though there are a couple that require a little bit of technical work.

Our pages are mostly for hardware and software products (and as you’ll see on our page, only some of our hardware has made it up).

One thing that is important is that the site is built with future ease of internal management. We don’t need any design/graphic work as we’ll do that internally, though we’re open to some UX/UI advice/input (not a requirement).