Need help optimizing website and minor fixes

Hi, I am not a website designer but I designed and built this website through Blocs for my husband’s business. As I don’t use the program or do any other website related tasks except when working on this site (about one a year) I forget how the nuances of the program in between. At this point, it needs some updates, and needs to be optimized, and I’m looking for someone to help with that.

What is a reasonable timeframe and budget for the following:

  1. optimize website for max loading speeds
  2. consider volt integration for future minor editing ease
  3. correct a link or two that are misdirecting
  4. update some text “now taking reservations for 2020” for instance, needs to say for “2022.”
  5. we also want to do minor updates like adding some video tutorial and additional information to the booking page to explain who is an appropriate candidate / meeting requirements (we will make the video, write the text, just needs to be incorporated into the page.)
  6. update pricing information
  7. fix any weird device-specific viewing or use issues (i’m not aware of any specifically at this time)
  8. maybe integrate a blog through Wordpress

Also would be willing to pay someone to simply tutor me / walk me through how to do these things on the site if that would be considerably cheaper.


Hi, if you get Volt integrated properly, you can probably do the majority, if not all, of the changes you want via Volt itself, including the blog. It’s getting your head around which areas and naming correctly, but once there, it’s great.
For the video, just start up a YouTube channel and that can be added via a link in Volt also.
Bolt gets a big thumbs up from me. Very user friendly and surprisingly powerful.
Just about everything here is populated via Volt, including the videos on the info page, body copy links etc. I still need to go through a few of the gallery pics and downsize, but just about there.