Need help with popup - GPDR

Hi Guys,

I really need help, i am currently using blocs 2.

Due the GPDR I need a small popup/display on the website for visitors so they must agree with the privacy settings of the site ? How to make in blocs 2 ?


Are you actually certain you need the pop up? Is there something particular you are doing that necessities this agreement? I ask because Blocs 2 was already pretty good in this regard.

I agree we could use something that was baked in. Norm looked at this solution a while back but for whatever reason it hasn’t turned into a bric.

You may want to look @Bill sticky alert bric (along with his others) at

Easy, just go to this website:
It’s quick, easy and free!

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Curiously the same developer (part of Silktide) also brought us this gem

Now that was a good cup of coffee morning read (laugh).

60 minutes ran a segment on the law also. Mostly it was about the US needs something like this to protect us.


Please no, the internet has become annoying enough already and that would only encourage the EU to do something worse.

Thank you David, but when i use the HTML widget is doesn’t come on screen

You don’t use an HTML brick, you go to page settings, click on “add code” and paste it in the header section.

This may be helpful.

Thanks Norm, it works :smiley: !!!

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