Need Some Help Regarding Website design

Hello everyone,

Currently, I am exploring the world of web design to improve my work.

Can anyone please share potential workflow tips and advice for designing websites in Blocs?
Here are some specific topics of interest:

  • How do I organize a project?
  • How do I collaborate with team members?
  • How do I apply responsive design?

If anyone can provide some resources and share their experience for my better workflow, I greatly appreciate your support.

Thanks in advance.

The academy is a great place to learn the basic concept of the software and then there’s loads of quick tips that are very handy to look through for specific tasks. Thats where I would start.

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Another great addition to learning blocs are the great courses @Eldar has done in Blocs Master. There are some free ones on YouTube to get you started and then invest in his courses for more in-depth knowledge.


I appreciate your efforts. Thanks for sharing your potential response.

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