New bed and breakfast website

Hi guys,
could you tell me what do you think about this website I did in Blocs?
this is my first project with blocs, and I think we can do super things with it.
tx to all

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I think I would make the small text on this page and others larger for easier reading

Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 09.59.14

This becomes trickier still when the text is low contrast as you see here. I can read this, but I imagine some older visitors with eyesight difficulties could really struggle.

Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 10.07.46

It’s a very good first attempt overall and yes you can definitely do good things with Blocs. In bocca al lupo!

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Nice site - its clean and does what it needs to do and the layout is nice and its not over complicating things.

I love the fact, and maybe this is how myself and others might need to think when using blocs is that how you have done it is by using the blocs/brics in place from Blocs and not trying to create something that it’s not designed to do.

I come up against problems and spend days trying to make things happen that I used on other platforms - when the Blocs/Brics in place can do it but in their way…and with the use of colours, images, borders, transitions will make it come alive.

The one thing I will say is what @Flashman has said is make the text larger. I like many, look at Apples website for inspiration and the only time they use a faint small font is for the small print at the bottom, and the content for the client is bolder, bigger and jumps out.

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