New bric - Card / 3D card-style slider



Card is a responsive 3D card style slider bric that makes images into 3D and animate them. Up to 8 slides can be used, supporting images in landscape and portrait format.

Card slider can be customized with just a few clicks, no code needed: effects in and out, autoplay with selectable speed, navigation arrows with dots and button links for each slide.

Here’s a getting started video:

Product page:
Quick buy:


COOL! :sunglasses:


Thanks :grinning:


Great work! Looking forward to more awesome brics from you!


Nice slider! Only concern is the mobile. hehe not that good. :frowning:


OOOOOH :dizzy_face:

very good BRIC !!


@Wam Thanks :grinning:


I want… :heart_eyes:


Well done Lucas. Just bought it!!


Very cool :sunglasses: Great work Lucas :ok_hand:


Great work Lucas – you are doing exciting things…and keeping me hopeful about the app. :slight_smile:

Any chance you will be working on Tabs & Accordions & other’s content containers? In know Bill (BricsDesign) is, and it would be great to see your contributions to these areas, too.


@DanielF I’ll take a look, although I know that currently the programming interface (API) allow us to add content only to the sidebar of Blocs. Norm is already doing a great job updating and adding features to the API all the time, so I hope we’ll be able to make accordions and other content related stuff very soon.


This is great. Thanks, How can I change the font and the position of the text?


@RME Thanks! In Card we cannot change the position of the text, but we can change the fonts using the Class Manager. I’ve added this to the manual:


Hi Lucas – I have a general question about naming ‘classes’: Are the class names you use required only for your brics? Or is this a Blocs protocol??

I ask because when I look at the Blocs documentation on naming classes there is no instruction for a naming protocol.

Thanks for clarifying.


@DanielF these classes are for this bric only, just in case you wish for example to change the font only for the bric and not for all texts in your project.

There’s a nice video on the class manager here:

I’ve also made this one for Swiper, can be used for any bric:


Thanks Lucas! :slight_smile:


Awesome, Great Work Lucas! Wondering If have you something other than this one.


Thanks @petester Sure, there’s another one here and more coming soon :grinning:


Hi Lucas

The slider is there when I preview the site but not on export (or in Solis). I’ve added the cardslider.js, jquery.cardslider.min.js and cardslider.css files to the relevant folders along with all the images. Any suggestions?