New bric: Dromeas

Solution to this is when exporting disable Generate WebP.

@Lucas I was just listening to some of your music on Apple Music. You are a man of many talents. :smiley:

Thank you @PeteSharp :blush:

Tried the site search bric with Dromeas … hmmm actually not working or do i miss something…?

It’s in the site search docs why.

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So with Dromeas impossible you mean…

You can use my Search bric and choose to display the results on the same page, tested with Dromeas and working:


If you know what you’re doing you can modify the Site Search Bric and it will work as well. As it’s officially not supported there’s no need to ask how I did it. I just want to show that it’s possible.


@yellow people here just try to help each other, don’t need be rude please :pray:


Dromeas seems to be a fresh new Bric with some possibilities. However, it also has its pitfalls that you can only find out how to solve here in the forum. In my opinion it doesn’t seem to be working well yet. I have now done a project where e.g. the navigation doesn’t work properly and so far i haven’t received a support response… unfortunately.

@yellow Dromeas works just as expected and as shown in demos. You did received your support response obviously, but I cannot fix your project every time. So please re-check the links to the blocks for the issue is not in the bric at all.

I’ve now checked every link… and there is a link in the project that leads to the next one. Don’t stop there, go back to the link before the one you clicked on. There’s something wrong with the Bric. Or what is the solution?

For the record the issue above was in customer’s side and it’s fixed.
Also I’m pushing an update today targeting scrollbars on Windows’ browsers.


I bought Dromeas for a project that was due tomorrow, but after the payment the download link doesn’t work! :disappointed_relieved:

Hey Luigi sorry for this, was an issue with the card processor and it’s fixed :grinning:

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Hi @Lucas, look at new support request, please…