New bric: Dromeas

Hello everybody,

Today I’m releasing a new and somewhat different bric: Dromeas.

We can use Dromeas to develop unusual and interactive layouts, which can be useful on many cases. Subjectively most websites look the same: the navigation bar, a hero image with call to action, some columns down to it. Which is not bad, it’s a design that works but can be predicable.

Enter Dromeas: layouts made with Dromeas give the impression of web pages scrolling and zooming in front of our eyes.

Unusual layouts are present in art websites and portfolios. I use Dromeas to develop my personal website, which is a showcase of the many things I do:

Bringing Dromeas to Blocs I’ve added other options like:

  • Elevator (scroll to a bloc on page load)
  • Breakpoints
  • Offsets

Two projects are included in the package, which can also serve as start point to new ideas.

Here’s a walkthrough video:

Demo pages:

Product page:

Fun fact: the word Dromeas is Greek and means Runner.



Nice bric
Congratulations for your works

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Pretty cool Lucas!!!

Rich the Weather Guy

Thats awesome @Lucas

Cool idea @Lucas !
Do you know if it would work in an Wordpress Template?

Thanks guys!

@Ricardo nope no idea, but we could test that :wink:


Sounds like a plan!

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Wow @Lucas!
That’s a proper bric! It truly brings something new and different to Blocs.

Well done! :clap::clap::clap:

Thanks @Eldar :grinning:

@Lucas congratulations, this is great.

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Thank you @Helen glad you like it :grinning:

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WOW, bellissimo!

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Tried it, purchased it… very innovative thanks a lot

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Now tried a project with Dramas-1.bloc… in Blocs everything works, but when i export it and try it on the web it will not. Only 1 link is working other 3 not. Now any solutions or email to archetypon…?

Since it’s working in Blocs it probably means that’s an issue in exporting. In Blocs use the Export Project and not Quick Export. A link to the published page would help too :wink:

I have send the project to support of Archetypon. You can download it there and i hope to get a reply soon… :slight_smile: Status is still open…

Yes I know you sent to the support, I just took a look and see the issue. I’ll answer here so it may help other users as well, hope you don’t mind.

For some reason on your project the arrows (top left on all blocks) are not pointing to the first block and have the wrong interaction. Check all arrows to match Interaction > Navigate to URL and set URL to #block-1.

Tested the links and they are all working all here.

No problem you can answer here… tried now the new version online but its not yet fully working… hmmm… you have a solution?

Describe what is not working as expected and send me a link to the published page.

I have send you a link…