New bric: Infinite Slider

Create responsive, auto-scrolling,
infinite-looping sliders with smooth scrolling effect.

Watch the quick overview video:

Animations include left, right, up and down. Individual captions, URL and other options are available.
More details here: Home

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That is such a great bric @Lucas

Thanks @r_botman :grinning:

I just bought it great work, can I request for future bricks or version to have the ability to add text instead of an image, but again great work keep it up:)

Wow Lucas, that looks absolutely amazing!!!

Question, only because you did not mention it, can each image have a click-able link?

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@KBConcepts, Just need to visit the link to the bric and you will see all the features. It appears URL links are supported.

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Yes of course, each image has independent URL.

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@Ofel1 Thanks and noted your idea for future consideration.
Actually there’s a little hack that you could try: use a transparent png. This way you’ll have just the captions scrolling.

thanks for the tip:)
I have another question for you, so its seems that even if I don’t give the image item a page or URL its still clickable and in doing so it make the page reload can we make it so that it is just a carousel and not a link, meaning not clickable?


I just had a look at the preview page and it looks fine on desktop but on mobile the images were scrolling crazy fast and impossible to see. This was the case with both Firefox and Brave on my Android smartphone. Something seems wrong there.

Well, Firefox always claims to be the fastest browser… so it seems… :joy: :joy:


Oh yep I can see the issue, will try to add as option. Or better remove the link if the box is unchecked.

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Easier solution: on the URL option enter javascript:void(0)

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Strange I could not reproduce this on my iPhone with Firefox :thinking:
My Firefox is version Daylight 29.1 (3022)

Mine would be the latest stable build I think and I see the same thing with Brave. I went to the Github page for infiniteslidev2 and the demo works fine on my phone.

Could this be an android thing?..I haven’t own an android device in many years now since the HTC hero days! but could it be?

It works fine here on the same phone and I gather this is the same underlying code.

HI again Lucas let me ask you what is the reason for the Infinite Slider to show in vertical and not do anything(move) I hade it working perfectly and then after I added another image it stopped working and just showed the images in a row to the left no matter what setting I change when preview its not changing please help thanks

No idea sorry, try to re-build the slider or try it on a new page or project.