New Bric: Reflow for Blocs

I’m pleased to bring you Reflow for Blocs!

I think that Reflow will continue to grow as a service provider, and they’ve added so many new features! As it grows, so will the Reflow for Blocs project. Right now there are 13 custom brics in the this package and a Reflow for Blocs template. These custom brics make it possible to use the Reflow service with Blocs website builder and no-code is needed. Reflow is completely unrelated company and I make custom brics that support the Reflowhq platform.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up at
  2. Add products, categories and variants to your Reflow account.
  3. Take note of the Product ID and Category ID as needed to plug into any brics that use them.
  4. Add the reflow-resource bric to a Blocs Global Area, preferably in the footer. Include your Store ID (it’s in the url when you login)
  5. Complete setting up the website using Reflow custom brics.

The Reflow for Blocs Template

Bundle with the custom extensions, you get the Reflow for Blocs Template that uses all the brics together, to make a complete ecommerce website. The template is a fully functional Reflow store. Simply add items to your store, and your Store ID to the Resources extension in the footer.

Key Concepts

Preview vs Published Site

  • I cover this in the docs, but it’s important to understand that the url used in Preview are not the same as those used on a (clean URLs) website. /product.html becomes /product

The URL Textfield

  • I used the page selector early on but it was too rigid. There are a lot of scenarios where that won’t work. If you’ve installed into a sub-folder for instance. In the end, I settled on a textfield because they allow for all mutations of a url. In most cases you can use a relative url to link things. Such as /products or /products.html

In case you missed it here’s the demo site

Buy Reflow for Blocs

You can get your copy of the Reflow for Blocs from my website.
Or you can start your journey at the Blocs store.


Wow!!! This is great. I don’t need it right now, but as this is an absolute no-brainer: I buy it right now!!!

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I love it, you did a great job!
Can you tell me what payment methods are included?

It’s currently Stripe and Paypal.
All the info on the service can be found on their site. :wink:

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That looks excellent

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It looks great but what about the back office. On the site there is no description or screenshot of the sales process, i.e.: list of visitors, list of customers, carts, abandoned carts, orders, delivery note, payment status, invoice…
Does anyone have any information?

You’ll get all of that from It’s a free service. I think they assume you’ll sign up and test it out.

I have been playing with the Brics for a while; and it is absolutely amazing!! Reflow looks very very promising and with the Brics you can design a shop just like you want it to. Here is a very happy customer!!!

Great work !!!

Looks great!

Will there be a video tutorial(s)at any point?

Thank you so much for the feedback! I’m glad you like it.

Honestly this is much easier to implement than a lot of the Shopping Cart solutions out there. Together with Blocs this is a really powerful.

If it becomes absolutely necessary, Everything is there. You just sign up for the service. The template makes it very obvious whats going on. And there are docs, which are constantly updated when I think of some good info to pass along.

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Nice work @Whittfield I’ll be using this when I need to use Reflow with Blocs for sure. No brainier. :grin:

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Looks awesome, @Whittfield !

I’m bulding a site for our photo booth rental company, and would like to use an ecommerce plugin/script for blocs. Reflow itself can’t be used for rental processes, but might your Reflow bric do the job? It would need a calendar to book the rental products…

Hello @Whittfield,
Thank you for bring Reflow to Blocs. I had purchased the Reflow for Blocs and currently using it. However I am running into some problem here.

I am wondering if you can show me how to style “Reflow - User Settings” and “Reflow - Auth Button”? Right now, with classes, I am able to adjust font size, however, I could not find I way to change the look of the button itself.

Could you show me how to do that? Thank you!


If you managed to talk @Whittfield , please ask him how to change the personal data entry section.
In another topic, he told me to write to him, which I did, but again he doesn’t respond to anything.

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