New Bric - Smart Nav

I really like the look of this bric, it’s obvious a lot of thought and time has gone into the various features on offer; superb work @Whittfield - nicely explained with this video too.

Can we also get some recognition for how awesome Whittfield’s voice sounds? Very cool indeed :sunglasses:

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Yup!!! He would make a fortune doing movie voice overs!

Great bric!

Bought and tested today on a current project. Working really well @Whittfield Thanks again.

Love that you can customise the hero class too.

I’m watching the video right now and will definitely buy Smart Navigation. One more feature would be desirable. How about if you could specify that the shrinked logo is a different image, then the “normal”? This would be very nice.

Looks amazing and a must bric. An interesting feature will be the ability to highlight links while you scroll down through blocs. If you set which bloc refers to which link in the navbar it would be awesome!

Purchased, an amazing product, thank you @Whittfield

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Hi @Whittfield amazing bric ! had a good play with it just and love it.

One quick question - once i get the right size for desktop for my logo, and then when I goto mobile its too big…but changing the size of this on mobile then makes it smaller on desktop too.

Can we get it so the image and text is able to be set per breakpoint…also Padding too.? - thanks.


Thanks, I’ll give it some thought @AdieJAM, alternate handling for mobile in some capacity sounds like a good idea. I don’t think it will be per each break-point but something for mobile is useful I think.


Bought it right now. I can’t wait testing it ! Seems to be amazing. Thanks

Thanks @Whittfield - mobile will be great.
Great work as always!

Hi @Whittfield it’s working really well. I did have to add some css to override some smart nav css when I added to an existing site. (I was using borders) but that’s no biggie, it’s a rather customised nav.

One issue I have found though, is on devices. The scroll to top bounce causes the menu to hide when you want it to show.

Yup, snapped it up. Thanks for making it a very accessible price…!

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I’ll see what can be done about that. Off the top I’d say there’s probably going to need to be a compromise (no bounce).

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Thanks, I’m doing my best to keep things accessible, but it ain’t easy :wink:. All I can say is get em’ while they’re hot!

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I really like the idea of hiding the menu on scroll, but this problem is spoiling the effect for me.
I’m not sure I can show my client as it stands, is there any chance there will be a fix on the horizon?

Thanks, Paul

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The bounce is part of the OS isn’t it??

It maybe, but I am seeing inconsistencies between different browsers, I think if there was a small “buffer” added, then the issue may not be there, so if the nav bar didn’t start hiding until the scroll reached say around 10 or 15 pixels (possibly more) this would allow the bounce to settle without triggering hiding the nav bar again when the scroll reaches the top of the page. Just my thoughts. :slight_smile:

@Malachiman and @PBH

Handling this for chrome and edge is pretty easy, but safari not so much (still no support overscroll-behavior) I’ll work on it, in the mean time I’ll roll out waht I have later this week.


Thanks @Whittfield

Thank you, I appreciate your response. :+1: