New Bric: Table Pro

Table Pro provides easy setup of even the most complex responsive table layouts.

This is a bric that people have been asking for since the beginning and now it’s here - no excuses any more.

Full suite of styling controls for all header & content cells
Supports either auto layout or fixed column layouts up to 12 columns
Custom column spanning controls to build complex tables
Can have multiple tables on a page
Automatic cells wrapping & header visibility when row cell count is different than the preset columns
Automatic row height adjustment
Prefix text and thousand/decimal/currency symbol on cell functions
Custom one column layout for smaller mobile devices
Custom cell functions for line numbering, automatic dates, count of rows, sum, average, maximum & minimum
Works in Blocs 5 using both Bootstrap 4 & 5 frameworks

Table Pro provides a modern table generator that everyone should have in their toolbox - what are you waiting for? Start building tables with Table Pro

Thanks and keep building with Blocs !



Finally, a Table Bric we can all use!

Thanks Bill!

Rich the Weather Guy

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dont suppose you have a video microteach for how to use it and change the elements at all? or a PDF walkthrough?

Well, I’d like to but times are tough right now so I didn’t do one. If you buy any of my products, I’d be happy to do a screenshare w/ you, once you’ve had a chance to try the controls.

P.S. There’s a bizarre Blocs crash that happens when clicking on the row bric in the sidebar, but Norm & I are still trying to figure out the cause - just click Continue button in mean time.


thanks, i bought it last night, ive a few things on this weekend but will try as soon as possible, i found that it wasn’t that obvious on how to use it, so would welcome your input. i have a table i wish to replicate on one of my sites (ive always had issues with it) so hoping this will be a solution.

many thanks

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I use a lot of html-generated tables on my sites so I was was happy to see this new Bric. I bought and downloaded it, but unfortunately I have no clue how to use it. Some basic documentation is needed to get started. For example why are there three brics? Which do I use? One crashes, as you mentioned.


Basic information is always provided in my FAQs page: BricsDesign FAQs


Thank you!

Hi @Bill

Even if there is no video, could you provide a picture guide, because this is very, very bad, and as I can see it’s not just me.
The description is the one thing you wrote on your page, but there is no mention of usage, and things are not clear.
You obviously know how to use it because you made it, but others may not.
It wouldn’t hurt if you could help me get started, because it’s not good that way.


Does this also have a sort feature… Name, Date, Title, Sums, etc.?

No sort function for the time being - still waiting for api bugs to be ironed out so I can work on other fun things :wink:


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