New Bric: Testimonial

Hi Everyone,

This is my new bric called Testimonial.

It an awesome display for responsive testimonials on a Blocs webpage. Testimonial makes a static asset and you can add as many to the page as you like. Use in combination with Tab Anything for a carousel effect.

Testimonial features:

  • Responsive by design
  • Display Author’s photo
  • Define Title, Name, Position, and Caption
  • Numerous styling options
  • Add as many as you need.
  • Works well with Tab Anything

Site: Testimonial
Docs: Testimonial - Google Docs
Quick Buy: Testimonial


Well designed Bric!
Just one question, in case I missed something. Is the an auto scroll / slide feature?

No this is a static asset. It can be used with Tab Anything to achieve the “slider”. That’s why it’s only $10

As I thought about it, yet another carousel seemed redundant. This way I can expand Tab Anything for margin cost. And if you don’t own TA then it’s still useful for $10.

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Well done…again…Whittfield!

Rich the Weather Guy

Would you be willing to make a short video on how to achieve this?

I’m creating a slider in the video. Tab Anything is used to toggle between the two instances.

In this screenshot you see the setup.


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Thank you, Whittfield. :slight_smile:

Another great extension.
On my website I have a page that gathers the reviews of our guests Reviews of the Moulin du Boisset, Guest house and gîte
Can I use this extension to visually improve this page?

Thank you for the kind words.

Looking at the page I’d leave it as is. It’s robust right now, there’s a lot going on. But you could use the extension to add maybe one review just before the footer of each page. Just a thought.

I’ve bought Testimonial but now Blocs 4 crashes every time i want to add it in my project.
It doesn’t matter if I choose bootstrap 4 or 5.
I use Blocs plus version 4.5.2

Does it happen in a new project?

Yes - it crashes also in a new project. I’ve tested the same on Blocs version 4.5.1 (Intel MBP) and everything works. The crashes happened on my M1 iMac with the latest Blocs release.

Upgrade to Blocs plus and still on version 4.5.1 on the MBP = no crashes …

That’s odd I see no reason for the version dependancy., especially this bric. I’m glad it’s working but I’ll be looking out for the issues you’ve raised.

Well that is concerning since I just purchased Testimonial and will order an M2 MBAir shortly.
I guess we should leave a bad testimonial for Whittfield. :wink:

Rich the Weather Guy

I’m having a similar issue with custom Brics when opening a project on my Intel. Going back to my M1 all issues disappear.

Maybe that is a Blocs bug not a bug in the brics.

If you are concerned Rich (@WeatherguyNH). Send me the M2 MacBook Air and I’ll test for you. Might take a few years :joy:

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Resolving bugs goes always better from under the :coconut: :palm_tree:. @WeatherguyNH, I’ll PM you my DHL account number :grin:


I will keep that in mind Pete…like that would ever happen!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Rich the Weather Guy

As soon as I get the DHL number I will send the new MacBook…NOT! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rich the Weather Guy

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