New Bric: Timeline

Hi Everyone,

Today I’m releasing my latest extension called Timeline. It’s a bric used for creating responsive timelines for your Blocs website. Sometimes a timeline can be a nice way to display content and add some visual interest to your web page.

Timeline features:

  • Horizontal and Vertical modes
  • Optional image for each post
  • Optional link for each post
  • Responsive breakpoints to adjust for mobile
  • Behaviors for adjusting the experience.
  • Pick number of items to show
  • Pick number of items to scroll
  • Behaviors to enhance users experience

Site: Timeline
Docs: Timeline Documentation
Quickbuy: Timeline


Great bric

Once again an amazing job!!!


Seems whenever you get busy, I get broke!!!
Really like this one as well.
Is it automatically responsive for mobile devices?
In the example I shrunk the page and it look very good.

Great work…
Thanks again

Rich the Weather Guy

Yes, when you visit on mobile phone you’ll see the vertically stacked mobile version. The breakpoint can also be adjusted to suite your liking.


Awesome, just what I was thinking about getting done in Blocs somehow and here you go…

Instant purchase. ;))

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@Whittfield great bric as always. couple of questions
Can you change the color of the timeline line?
Also when its horizontal, the rounded part you click to scroll, I think it will be great to have an arrow or some sort of indication to show the scroll.


The color of timeline is not currently editable. I’ll consider adding that.

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It would be awesome if we could jaz it up with colour :slight_smile:


Version2: the color is there, the left and right arrows, a Modal link…


Hi there! I’ve just started using Blocs and Timeline and seem to be having a tiny issue. I’ve added a timeline bric with a modal link but when I click it, the image used in timeline opens up on top of my modal. Is there a way to disable this?

Request; when you have a lot of items in the timeline, it not easy / takes some time to scroll along the timeline. Maybe it is a solution to only show a date, and show the content when hovering. That makes the timeline more narrow. Appreciate that.


A helpful awesome new bric!

I would like to use it for an EVENT calendar of a hotel…Can I make the images above the text bigger like in a slider? And up to how many lines of text can you insert per window?

Many thanks in advance =)

Adding below seems to work:

.timeline .timeline__content img.round {
	width: 200px !important;
	height: 200px !important;

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Hey, @Whittfield. I seem not to be able to go back and forward through the caption after adding items. The title changes but the caption remains as set in the last item added. It is impossible to correct a typo without deleting the whole bric and starting from scratch again.

Anyone still using this timeline bric? - if so, is it working ok …or any other alternatives?

I am quoting on a job where I need a very basic timeline, its pretty simple so might just do it on pixlemator and add it as a jpg but would prefer to do it with this bric or another simple way.

What issues are you having with this bric?