New! Company Website

Hi guys the new website of Orange Custom Services is finish. Built with Blocs 2.6.4, we hope you like it…


@DinaxCharles, great job on the website! The only suggestion I’d have would be to make the nav sticky on desktop size. Especially with a one-page site, it’s annoying to always have to scroll to the top to navigate to a new section. Otherwise, looks fantastic!

We think the same, but being only a small page we do not consider it necessary. Thanks for your suggestion. :+1:t2:

Great work!. I am not the biggest fan of the double-scrolling Instagram gallery, but overall, I like your site!

Thanks Eldar :+1:t2: :wave:t2:

Nice site. Clean and elegant.

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Some of the site is in Spanish. I completely understand that Spanish is important in Florida, but the site is in English then suddenly switches to Spanish, then back to English.

I’m not sure why it’s like this.

Umm It must be that the correction was not uploaded, thanks for the warning. :+1:

Ready, was corrected… :ok_hand:t2: :wave:t2:

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Hope he/she is wearing a dust mask :slight_smile: nice website

Hi, really cool site. On a iPad I can swipe the site a little bit to the right and left … Do you want have it like this ?
But, good site !!

Seriously? we do not notice it when we try it, we will review it, thanks for noticing it. :+1:t2:

Hi @DinaxCharles do you set the google map to width 100%? So the map is responsive ? I only see on iPad …sorry. You can check the block where the html bric is inside and disable the gutter option …
At my website I have the same problem … that fixed the problem.
Tom :slight_smile: