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Nice Site,

i like the portfolio part.
The pics are cool and seem allmost boarderless.


@macky I’ve spent some time today with the white line issues and I’ve narrowed it down to a Chrome rendering issue. I don’t get it in Firefox or Safari, I’ve had issues with this type of thing with chrome in the past (outside of blocs created webpages also), it’s something todo with the images being really big and then being scaled down in the browser.

I’ll do a little more research and see if this is a know chrome rending issue or a fix that can be applied.

Edge to Edge Images ( the non - background-image variety )

I have seen these type of lines on sites created with other systems and they come and go with browser updates across all browsers. Not saying that this is the cause here but it sounds very similar to me. Safari and Chrome are the new Internet Browser - right?

I have seen it more noticeably if you apply hover events to image that seems to cause a redraw of the hovered image and the processing time to do this results in a flash of BG showing through while the image size stabilises.

What a designer can do is to choose the background colour to minimise the effect incase it happens. So if the images are mainly dark, then use a dark BG which will not be noticed so much.


@norm I think you’re right! It’s a Chrome issue with weak network the line appears and don’t render properly. I think we need to focus next to built in image compression in the future hehe :slight_smile: now everything works well again. Hihi


@mackyangeles its cool, I spent a little more time and rewrote the bloc group css to take advantage of FlexBox and it fixes the issue. This will be available today, once Ive done a little more testing. Give build 6 a good text with your projects that use Bloc groups to check you get the correct results.


Thank you @norm will do :slight_smile:


Flexbox. Good move.


We’ve done some imporvements on our site! Check out the update :slight_smile:


LOL, I would say that the advice on the website has not been followed!

In future please just sling these sites together using the blocsapp defaults, because…

“We believe that Good Design is as Little Design as possible”

Nice job.


Haha what do you mean by that @pauland? :joy:


It looks great. how did you do that with the text?


Hi @RME Thank you so much! For that effect I applied a Gradient on a Custom Class then Selected Text as Clip :slight_smile:


perfect. it works. I am learning more and more :grinning:


Hey really cool design. I was just wondering, how did you make the waves in the background?


I particularly like this gradient class on text. I’m using it on my next project for sure. Thanks for sharing @mackyangeles!


Amazing work :star_struck:

I’m unable to select Gradient for Text only background of text is being done.


In the Blocs editor, the text background will have the gradient, but once you view your project in a browser, the text will have a gradient and the background will be transparent.


@gadusidup, I have tried preview in browser but still gradient is in background of text and text color remains same.


Very nice!


You have to set the clip to text, on the background menu, below the color option