New! ConSync Digital Website


Hi guys! Our New Website is up! Check it out. Purely built with Blocs 2.3 :slight_smile:


Great work, as always!


Nice work!


Great site indeed. How did you achieve the collapsing of the 6 coloured grid from 3 in a row to 2 in a row? I am familiar how this would be achieved in Bootstrap3 but I didn’t think Blocs could do it (yet).




Hi @webdeersign, Thank you! I used the visibility option to achieve that :slight_smile:


Thanks. It works well.



I notice the issue with the thin white lines bug as mentioned here Edge to Edge Images ( the non - background-image variety ) on the Portfolio Page.

Curious, did you add the white areas on the Portfolio page to help conceal / hide that bug, or were the white areas purely used for aesthetics in the design?

Nice work as always Macky. :wink:


Hi @Blocs_User honestly you mentioned it yep still having a problem with edge to edge the white line is still appearing @norm do you have a fix for this?! as a designer it’s kindda disturbing hehe. Hope you can do something about it. :slight_smile:


I’m still working on it.


Nice design!


I really like the graphic design. I’m just getting familiar with blocs. Are you saying that you need to repeat those areas within the structure of the page (just giving them different column widths) and then assign which screen sizes to which they are visible? Thanks.


strenght of simplicity - very nice.

How did you manage to change the background of the sidebar menu?

Mine keeps staying black, can´t find the matching sub class.

Cheers Kilian


@abradshaw yes, thank you by the way for the positive feedback! :slight_smile:


Hi @Kilian, Thank you! To change the Navigation Background use the Special Class provided under Class Manager. :slight_smile:


Thanks, works somehow. Not the full sidebar, only the nav items.
Rest is still black.
Did you mean the “special nav container class” in subclasses?

Sorry if I disturb


Hi @Kilian yes that one! :slight_smile:


Hello @mackyangeles thats funny, it doesn´t work with me.

I gave the Tablet menu a class and made the “special” a subclass. No effects…

What am I doing wrong?
I don´want to bother you, but how did you acheived your result?


Good Sunday @mackyangeles ,
Made it - Thanks again.

The issue was that I wanted to toggle only on devices.
This is not possible. You need to toggle all.


One small thing (actually a big thing) is that your images are much bigger than they need to be and can be significantly reduced in size further by optimising using something like jpegMini or ImagOptim.

The main 6 coloured images are 2500px wide yet at their largest there are 3 in a row. Therefore, reducing to 2500 divided by 3 px wide would make a big difference to the site performance.