New Gym Site -

hey everyone!

check out this new site made for

would love feedback!


Nice!! great look

Love the site!!! Question. What Instagram App did you use for this? :slight_smile:

Exceptional. Great work. check them out!

Looks good(ish).

You win a prize for the widest form I have ever seen. I think it would better at half the width ( on desktop ).

The classes page looks a bit thrown together - repeating images and a broken image. I don’t think the column of images is the best look. The images loaded quite slowly. A simple trick might be to alternate the placement of the images - right, then left, then …

In general I would say that you don’t need these drop-down menus at all. The menu dropdown sub-items are on separate pages and generally could be all on one page per menu item. As it is now you have a small amount of content on some pages sandwiched between a large header and footer.

I clicked the “members” option and bang the site was gone (just a login) and no way back besides the browser back button. Where did the navigation go? If you go to an external site, open in a new tab.

Contact. Just a phone number! It should be taking me to the form and the phone number should be with the form.

Waiver. Horrible headline, minimal information. Maybe I’m a newbie and don’t know what a waiver is? Seems to me that I’d rather sign someone up and introduce the waiver at that time than have it as some separate thing and make a newbie wonder why there is an emphasis on the waiver. I would consider ditching it, or at least explaining it . On the home page the waiver has unnecessary prominence and odd parts “Click to fill out a vv.”.

I’ve been taught that headers are separated from the text above by spacing and the text associated with a header is in closer proximity to the header than the gap above the header. That is not the case in some places on this site.

On the footer I can see the lady but not whatever is on the left - it looks really odd to me (my first thought was an improv session miming visiting the toilet) and the layout of the elements is a bit untidy.

I’d add “bodymountain” to the page titles. I can’t decide if I like the green strip at the top. At one stage I thought it was a mistake and a google map poking out. I think I would naturally prefer to see the photo background poking through above the menu with the info presented below the menu as-is. If the green strip stays, would be nice for the right side content to have some space above, ideally to align centrally with the icons. The phone number icon has quarreled with the phone number and the same for the map pin. I would expect the map info and phone number to be clickable.

I had a great impression when I opened the site, less so when I reached the footer and tried using the unnecessary nested menus and was sent to pages with little content.

Sorry. I’m the bad boy again, but I hope it’s constructive, even if only for next time.


Overall I think its a very nice site. I went through a couple of pages and I do have a few issues.

The top green header above the menu needs some class alignment. The item on the left do not line up with the icons on the right.

The picture of the app on the phone is to large for me. I takes up the whole screen width.

The contact form really needs some styling. Maybe you wanted it to stick out but its really large.

The footer needs some work also. It really does not have much structure.

Everyone has there own ideas so please take this as constructive.

Nice work


Thanks so much! this is amazing amount of feedback. Thanks Paul!

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Casey Thanks man! yes will take into consideration

Hello Noah,

I’m reviewing your website according to time availability, but for now I notice slow loading of the images.
I have checked several of them and I have observed that they are larger than 2.5 Mb.
This is a lot, you should consider the possibility of optimizing the size of the images

Nice work,


I managed to shave 4.4 mb off your home page images without any noticeable loss of quality, so optimisation is something you definitely need to do. Apart from that, a nice clean site.

how did you hide .html extension :open_mouth:

Correct the spelling the footer:

“JOUNEY” should be “JOURNEY”