New MaxPack Website

Hey All, first time post and first website built with Blocs for review. If you see anything odd, please let me know.

Big THANKS out to Eldar Gezalov for being gracious to answer my questions and could not have done this without his tutorials!


Hi Lisa,

Great work, especially for the first website!
I like the mega menu you have built there!

Best regards,


Nothing odd at first glance, other than a typo in the mega menu. Forgot an R in E-commece :wink:

Great effort. I’ve only looked on my phone.

I spotted these images don’t display well on mobile.

The fix would be either make them smaller for that breakpoint or stack the columns.

And some of your heading images don’t fit so well on mobile. Others do.

But these are just those little things that often don’t get picked up until later. Great job.

Hi ya,

Nice one - well done. Love to see websites, and nice one to @Eldar as always.

I would like to make one comment, which on your 1st page - and please don’t shoot me down (I know I can’t talk as I haven’t published anything as yet!!!)
But there seems to be a difference on 2 x white strips/sections, can these be matched? also the text on the one section does not stand out to me, I would either match it to the ones above to keep it all uniformed. (ive added an image)!

Other than that, as Eldar has said - its a great first site, and a large one too !!
Well done.

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YIKES! Thank you Pumpkin!

Thank you so much, I will tweak away and get these fixed.

AdieJAM, that bugs me too - I got the font changed and I just might add another white section of content to even out the visual. Thank you so much for looking this over.

If you remove this class off that block the white stripes will go


Yes, thank you Malachiman! - I revised this section, see if this works better.

Nice, that’s working.

I notice that some of the images are rather big. This page for example is 8mb. Which is the Lightbox images I think, you can reduce those images by at least half or more and they will still look great.

I use this… (quality set to 75-80 I found works really well).

300-400kb doesn’t seem a lot these days, but if your loading 10 images it adds up fast.

Great products, by the way.

Great tip - Squoosh app works really nice. I had tried another compression app which was not impressed with a while back. But Squoosh holds up quite well. I have a large library of images, this may take a while but will get working on these over the next week or so. Thank you again Malachiman, you have been a great source of information!

Another option, which is great for bulk processing, and I know others here use this one is

EDIT: whoops posted the wrong app. See below. I meant the same one lol

This is the one I use - but I will check out the others above too as they look good.

Hi @LJHoop
cool website. At mobile devices I can’t see the number in the footer.