New pages are duplicates

Hi all,

Just about to start my fifth website with blocs v3, but the first using v3.2.2 and I’m seeing some very unusual behaviour.

I’m finding that any new pages created are duplicates of the home page. Any work done on these new pages is also replicated on the home page automatically. If I remove any bricks from the homepage they are automatically removed from all duplicate pages.

I started by creating a blank page for the home, then created a new page to work on as an article, then checked the tree and found that the homepage is an exact copy of the article page.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance


Check if the blocs on homepage are located in the global header / footer area (above / below the blue line)


Hi @DaveC

You may want to check this previous post:

How to move content from Global Area


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Thanks guys,

I’ll take a look later today when I’m
back to the office.

What a silly mistake, lol


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Ok guys,

Well, it doesn’t appear to be as simple as moving things out of the global area.

I’ve tried moving blocks up/down with no difference. So I tried deleting all the blocks individually until none were left, and I was left with a single + in the middle of the page with no top/bottom global areas.

Upon saving, quitting and reloading I have the empty pages back with the global and dynamic areas visible. But I’m unable to delete any pages that were duplicates. So something is weird.

I’m wondering if I’ve somehow corrupted my project file by ‘saving as’ from a older project to a new one, and maybe the versions have changed between the original and new project??

Hi Dave,

It does sound like a corrupted project. It’s difficult to guess what’s causing it. Maybe you can report it to find out what’s causing it.


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Could you send me a copy of the project prior to all the Blocs being deleted please?

Yes, will do. Thanks

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I am having the same problem! Blocs version 3.5.2

Moving the blocs is not enough, Moving them will just send them up or down in the order they appear in the page - you have to keep moving them until they appear in the dynamic area. If you have a number of blocs in the top global area, start by moving the bottom-most bloc first, then follow through with the others. If your blocs are in in the bottom global area, do the opposite - start at the top-most bloc then follow through with the rest.