New personal web site

It took a while to finish everything (gathering and choosing what to display). But 100% built with Blocs :smiley:

I moved my site from Adobe portfolio since I was not satisfied with their templates. And finally got some time for me :smiley: -


Very nice, clean website. :smile:

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@rusmir Very simple. :+1:

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I love your portfolio website and the main menu so much! :blue_heart: May I ask how you build the menuโ€™s sub-headline feature with Blocs?


All features are directly from blocs menu. The only thing is. there are two menu sets :smiley: One that is hidden and one as a code widget :smiley:
the reason behind that is when you have custom menu that have description under it doesnโ€™t shows X for close. Not sure why.

In the custom menu under <ul class="site-navigation nav navbar-nav ml-auto"> i have added a container with 4 md3 columns and just take everything from the original menu. Inside every column i just have <li> inside from the old one

<div class="col-md-3">
<li style="animation-delay:100ms" class="nav-item fadeIn animated">
<h3><a href="./" class="nav-link">Home</a></h3>
<h6 class="p-white">Welcome</h6>

When you go to inspect my code you will see in menu bloc the custom code and inside bloc1 hidden original code from blocs.

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Very nice design, clean and simple but attractive, well done. I would like the transitions between pages to be smoother. :+1:

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Nice, thanks for the menu trick!

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